Indoor Plumbing (Eventually)

Something about new construction has always captivated me. I can wander through recently framed houses for hours, imagining how the spaces will take shape and projecting what I would do with each one. The power of imagination is exhilarating — and of course it’s that sense of innovation and energetic creativity that we seek to fuel through our educational programming.

The image above shows the interior of the addition, looking towards the area reserved for our new ADA-compliant restrooms. I never thought I’d be so excited by toilets… but for us, these are a game changer. The old three-season restrooms on the site will remain, but no longer will we have to send visiting children on a field trip (or a bride enjoying her wedding reception, for that matter) outside in the rain to hike up the hill if they need to use the facilities. Indoor plumbing comes to the Marshall Steam Museum!

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