About the Museum

The Marshall Steam Museum (operated by the Friends of Auburn Heights in partnership with Delaware State Parks) has embarked on its first major capital campaign to ensure the success and relevance of the museum far into the future. The project features upgrades to the building originally constructed by Tom Marshall’s father, Clarence, in 1947, and encompasses professional exhibits, enhanced space for the collections as well as improved HVAC and security systems, plus modern public restrooms. 

In 1960, Clarence Marshall wrote about those who visited his small museum to view its mighty collection of Stanley steamers:

There are two kinds of people that come here. The first really relishes the experience… They’d like to come back — and usually do — from all over the country. The other group contains the cynics. They’re amused by what they consider archaic and ridiculous. My answer to them is this: All things must have a starting point — and these early pioneers began a sequence of continued refinement.