Firsts & Lasts


The Stanley Model 76 was the last to leave the museum building, which seemed fitting since it was the first car in the collection (acquired by Clarence Marshall in 1940). When Alli Schell, the museum’s new Public Programs Manager, stopped in for a brief visit, she asked when the museum last stood completely empty of cars. Without Tom, it was a question we could not answer… but we surmise that this may be the first time in nearly 73 years when the building was wholly vacant of autos or displays.

Tom worked very hard to make the planned renovations happen, and without question, we will collectively — Board, staff, and volunteers — do our best to make him proud of the outcome! Please watch our progress in the months ahead!

P.S. For those who occasionally ask if I have ever driven any of the Stanleys… this is the closest I come. They are smart enough to limit my “drive time” to occasions when someone else is handling the major decisions!

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